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Dominic Scott


Tim Sandow is the General Manager of our restaurant group with 23 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Tim has been with VAI’s Hospitality Group for over 6 months and is responsible for all front of house operations. He is particularly passionate about wine and spirits training. A fun fact about Tim is that he was Bachelor #2 on The Dating Game when he was 18. In his free time, Tim likes to spend as much time as possible with his family, go on bike rides, and catch a movie at the theater.

Dominic Scott


Juan Bautista has been working with our restaurant group for over year and a half and has over twenty-five years of experience in the restaurant industry. He is responsible for the daily operations of the kitchen, with excellent skills breaking down seafood, beef, and pork, and his passion is serving some tasty and great-looking food. A fun fact about Juan is that he can come up with a witty answer in a hurry. During the summer, he enjoys a nice day in the city, a sporting event, or a concert, and in winter, a hot cocoa and movie at home.

Dominic Scott


Catherine Jackson has been working with our restaurant group since 2021 and has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Her specific responsibilities include running the host desk, making sure guests are greeted warmly and getting to know our regulars. Catherine’s passions include providing excellent customer service and creating a welcoming atmosphere. A fun fact about Catherine is that she was an AGM of a restaurant on Bourbon Street in New Orleans in her 20s, she’s a big animal lover, and her guilty pleasure is reality TV. In her free time, Catherine enjoys traveling, catching up with family and friends, live music, and a good glass of wine.

Dominic Scott


Samantha Rothmund is a Manager at our restaurant group with 11 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Samantha has been with The VAI’s Hospitality Group for five months and is passionate about building connections with others and being a team leader. Her specific responsibilities include creating a unique and positive experience for the team and guests. A fun fact about Samantha is that she has drank out of the Stanley Cup. In her free time, Samantha likes to hang out with her dog, go to the forest preserve, and spend quality time with family and friends.

Dominic Scott


Kyle Koller has been with our restaurant group for 5 years and has 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Kyle is responsible for maintaining a healthy and productive work environment, assisting in all operations of the kitchen, maintaining communications between front of house and back of house to ensure guests have a great experience, ordering product for the kitchen, maintaining recipe adherence, maintaining facilities and equipment in the kitchen, aiding in the creation and execution of specials, interviewing and hiring employees, and cooking great food. A fun fact about Kyle is that he is so fun. In his free time, Kyle likes to play bass in his band and spend time outside.

Dominic Scott


Michael Vai has been with our restaurant group since the beginning and has 51 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Michael is responsible for legal, financial, and administrative oversight. His passion is to help the leadership teams grow and develop our people. A fun fact about Michael is that he was born and raised in Carle Place, (Long Island) New York. In his free time, Michael likes to golf, motorcycle, visit the shooting range, do gym exercises, eat out, and most of all, spend time with his family and grandchildren!

Dominic Scott


Anthony Vai is a seasoned veteran of the restaurant industry with over 30 years of experience. He has been with the Entourage restaurant group since its inception. As an Operating Partner, Anthony is responsible for overseeing the FOH, including beverage, service, and daily management of the overall restaurant. He is passionate about providing excellent customer service and creating a welcoming atmosphere. One of Anthony’s greatest strengths is his ability to see the big picture and connect the functionality of the restaurant’s many variables to create the best experience for each individual that visits them.